Biohealth Protein: Churro Blend Protein

BioHealth Nutrition Churro Blend

Recipe Creator: Emma Henderson
Cinnamon Protein Bites (no-bake, gluten-free, vegan-friendly)
1 heaping tbsp of ground cinnamon
1 1/2 scoops of BioHealth churro protein
1/4- 1/3 cup honey (use maple syrup if vegan)
1/2 cup almond flour
1/4-1/3 cup creamy nut butter (we used peanut butter)
3/4 cup gluten-free oats
1/2 tsp. Vanilla extract
(Per protein bite)
Calories: 90
Total Fats: 3.5 g
Carbs: 10 g
Sugars: <1g
Protein: 60g

1. Grind up your oats in a blender or food processor and transfer into a mixing bowl
2. Add the almond flour, protein powder, cinnamon, and nut butter. Stir ingredients together. Add in your honey and vanilla and mix well with hands
3. You might need to add more honey or nut butter if batter becomes dry
4. Roll into 1-1.5 inch balls and place onto cookie tray with parchment paper underneath (should make around a dozen or more)
5. Stick in the freezer for 20-30 minutes then transfer into a Ziplock bag
6. Dust with additional cinnamon if desired (I used cinnamon sugar)
7. Keep in fridge or freezer for up to 6 weeks! .
Protein: Banana Iso Protein
Recipe Creator: Callacleaneats

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